Tech Bulletin - COBB / Injector Dynamics "1300cc" Injectors


Tech Bulletin - COBB / Injector Dynamics "1300cc" Injectors

By: Mike McGinnis

COBB, in partnership with Injector Dynamics, offers a variety of high quality injector products.  Some offerings have been discontinued, others have changed in name and characteristics over the years, which has resulted in some confusion.  It's important to be aware of as in some cases this may impact driveability and proper tuning of the vehicle.

This could be an issue you're already dealing with, so if a customer has reported having "1300cc" injectors, make sure to confirm the exact model injector installed on the engine.

Vehicles affected:

  • Port injected vehicles with ID1300 and similar injectors.

What is Different in New Injectors

The new injectors are matched in two different areas of behavior.  It's expected that by matching -XDS injectors sets based on both ranges you'll have improved engine behavior and driveability.

Here are the known examples within the model range COBB currently offers:

1300 Injectors

  • ID1300 or 1300cc - Uses ID1300 or ID1300x calibration data - discontinued

  • ID1300x or 1300x - Uses ID1300 or ID1300x calibration data, no known change in product - discontinued

  • ID1300x2 or 1300x2- Redesigned product, uses ID1300x2 or ID1300-XDS calibration data which includes large differences in small IPW compensation, as well as other changes.

  • ID1300-XDS or 1300-XDS - Uses ID1300x2 or ID1300-XDS calibration data. These injectors feature high and low slope matching for improved low slope behavior, but still use the same calibration data as ID1300x2.

1050 Injectors

  • ID1050x or 1050x- Uses ID1050x or ID1050-XDS calibration data. Phasing out as XDS phases in.
  • ID1050-XDS or 1050-XDS - Uses ID1050x or ID1050-XDS calibration data. These injectors feature high and low slope matching for improved low slope behavior, but still use the same calibration data as ID1050x.

Injector Identification

There are two easy ways to identify the injectors.

Subaru 1300x² Fuel Injectors

Around the base of the injector you can see the name etched into the stainless portion.  This is commonly going to be masked by an aluminum adapter for may applications.  These are simply pushed over the brown o-ring you see in the picture above.  So some light pressure is all that is needed to remove the cap and see what the etching indicates.

On the plastic body you can also see a printed part number for what injector you have.

Injector Data

ID injector data (including data for discontinued options) is available via their support page here:

Injector Dynamics injector offerings which are not available from COBB such as the 1700 and 2600 have also transitioned to the -XDS naming convention due to their transition to high and low slope set matching.

We hope this Tech Bulletin helps you avoid unexpected behavior when tuning ID/COBB 1300cc injectors and keeps you up to date on ID's improved low and high slope matching process.

If you have any feedback, questions, or concerns please let our expert groups know.

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