COBB Custom Features: GTR Launch Control and COBB Bump Box

How To:Use COBB Custom Features: GTR Launch Control and COBB Bump Box

Applicable Model/Year: 

  • 08-18 Nissan GTR
    • Requires an Accessport equipped with TCM flashing (AP3-NIS-006/008)

How To Enable:

Launch Control
Comes activated on all TCM Maps labeled

Bump Box 
Requires a custom tune to activate.

Steps to Use:

Launch Control

  1.  Start up your car and let it warm up transmission between 50C and 85C (122F to 185F)
  2. Put your transmission into "R" mode
  3. Turn the traction control off.  (If you are not utilizing a COBB TCM map you should put all three options Transmission, Traction control and suspension, into "R" mode)
  4. While holding the brake quickly press the gas to the floor 100%
  5. Vehicle should now be holding at RPM Limit designated by launch control!
  6. When ready to launch, release brake pedal
  7. Enjoy!

Cobb Bump Box

  1. While at step 5 of the Launch Control instructions, while still holding the Accelerator pedal.
  2. Hold the cruise control button "Resume/Accel +" up
  3. While holding cruise control button and accelerator gently let up slightly on the brake to roll the car forward.
  4. Push back down on brake when you are done "Bumping" forward
  5. Release "Resume/Accel +" button
  6. When ready to launch release brake
  7. Enjoy!

Available Adjustments and How to Make them:

Launch Control

  1. On the Accessport click "Tune"
  2. Select "Adjustments"
  3. Select "Launch Control RPM"
  4. Move the RPM level up or down to your hearts content!

Bump Box

All Adjustments will need to be made via the Accesstuner or Accesstuner Pro Software

When And Why To Adjust:

Things To Look Out For:

Repeated launching can be hard on the drivetrain and engine.

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