How To: Perform Bank Balance on GTR

How To: Perform Bank Balance on GTR

Applicable Model/Year: 

  • Nissan GT-R Models 08-18

Note: Vehicle must be flashed with a MAF based map, this feature will not work on a vehicle using a Speed Density (SD) tune

How To Enable:

This feature comes enabled on all GT-R Accessports. If you find this feature missing, make sure your V3 Accessport is on firmware version or later. 

Steps to Use:

  1. Start up Vehicle and Warm it up, either by idling the car
  2. Make sure your lights and climate control are turned off (Including the fans).
  3. Select the "Troubleshooting" option at the main menu.

4. Click on "Bank Air Learn"

5. Ensure your vehicle meets the required conditions to perform a bank balance.  In addition to the engine temperature specification and having the climate control off.  You need a battery voltage of at least 12.9v and the vehicle must have been on for at least 5 seconds.

6. Wait while the Accessport works it's magic.

7. Once it's done you're ready to go!

Available Adjustments and How to Make them:

Using Accesstuner or Accesstuner Pro, you can override the automatic bank balancing and set it to values manually.

When And Why To Adjust:

This process can help offer a more stable idle as it keeps one bank of cylinders from getting more air than the other.

Things To Look Out For:

Bank Air Learn can only be performed once per key cycle, so if it fails or you need to run it again for some reason, you'll need to turn off and re-start the car.  If your vehicle isn't quite up to temperature the process will attempt to run but wait until the car hits the proper temperature values.  If the car doesn't meet the conditions within 3 minutes, the Accessport will automatically stop attempting to perform a Bank Air Learn operation.  The Climate Control and Lights need to be turned off.


Bank - Each side of the engine in a V or flat configuration.  Typically a "left bank" or "right bank" offers an easy way to describe which cylinders are being discussed.

Learning - A process the ECU goes through to learn the different parameters of the engine and environment.

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