F150, F150 Raptor Stock Intake Removal

  1. Park your car in a flat level area.

  2. Once it's cooled down, Start by unclipping the wiring connector going to the intake air temp sensor.  In order to release the clip you'll want to push in fairly close to the base of the connector's release tab.


  3. Go ahead and remove the two hose clamps connecting to the turbo inlet tubes using a 7mm nut driver.  It's not necessary to remove it from the airbox lid.


  4. Pop the airbox clips loose, and remove the airbox and intake hose as one piece.

  5. Remove the filter from the airbox.

  6. On the passenger's side intake tube carefully lift up the release tab on the intake air temperature sensor and push down and turn to the left in order to release it from the tubing.  After removing it, put it in a safe place.


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