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Supported Vehicles:

  • STI USDM 2019-2021

  • STI Type RA 2018

  • STI ADM STI 2019

  • North American 2019 STI S209


Example: If you live in Denver at 5280 ft and are trying to run a peak boost pressure of 15 psi, your turbocharger has to work the equivalent of making ~17.5 psi at sea level.

There are barometric compensations within the factory ECU that lower boost targets as you climb in altitude in an effort to keep the turbocharger in its optimal range. The COBB performance maps utilize these compensations and therefore, it is perfectly normal for the final boost target to be lower than what is listed for your map. 

Boost Select: 

All maps designated with "Boost Select" in the map name have a driver-controlled boost target controlled through the SI-Drive system available on the 2008+ STI. From the factory, SI-Drive will modify throttle settings and change the relation between what is done with the accelerator pedal and how the throttle blade reacts; [S#] being the most aggressive throttle settings, [S] being less aggressive, and [I] being very conservative. What we have done is take that functionality a step further. The "Boost Select" maps have selectable boost targets enabled by toggling between [S#], [S], and [I]. [S#] will target the highest boost level, [S] will be a medium boost level, and [I] will be the lowest boost level (wastegate spring pressure). You can find the specific boost targets for [S#], [S], and [I] in the Map Version Notes above. 


Version #



maps updated to remove unnecessary dtc suppression or for version parity with other maps.


19 STI S209 Boost control improvement under 40 degrees F only. No other changes.


18 RA, 19 STI North American spec Stage1+  maps receive small tweak to very cold weather boost target. Initial release of 2020 STI North American spec support.


18 RA, 19 STI North American spec Stage1+ map long descriptions updated. No change to calibration. 18 RA, 19 STI North American spec Stage3 1050x Valet map even further torque reduction in Sport and Sport# modes.


Revised IAT based ignition comp., boost compensations for baro., per gear, intake temp., coolant temp., revised 18 STI RA/19 STI North American spec engine calibrations.


Minor visual updates on North American spec MY18 STI Type RA Stage1 maps. Boost Limits table update on ADM 2018 Stage1+SF 93 map only.


Adjusted MAF calibration on North American spec MY18 STI ACN91 Stage1+SF maps only. v345 for North American spec MY 18 STI ACN91 Stage1+SF was only available for a few hours, but if you have it, please use v346 or newer instead.


Updated boost target, limit tables to account for MY2018 OEM strategy change.


Added Stage3 mapping. Revised throttle mapping for all maps to improve driver's ability to modulate vehicle speed at light throttle positions. 


NASIOC-only beta test with improved air-fuel ratio control at higher RPM on Stage1, Stage1+SF mapping. 


Original Mapping. Adjusted Fuel, Ignition, Boost Control, Camshaft Phasing (AVCS), Closed Loop to Open Loop Transition, Per-Cylinder and Per-Gear Timing Strategy, Intake Air Temperature Compensations, Barometric Compensations, and Engine Load Compensations. Added Boost Select (see above for description), Speed Density, Launch Control, and Flat-foot Shifting capabilities.